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PA Analysis 23 Nov 17

UK advisers drift towards greater risk

UK investors in balanced portfolios could lose as much as 20% following a significant market correction as financial advisers gravitate towards higher risk profiles within their standard portfolios, according to Natixis Investment Managers’ latest UK Portfolio Barometer.

PA Analysis 22 Nov 17

Why we should be worried after boring budget

There wasn’t an awful lot in the Budget for investment and wealth managers, with even pensions largely left out of Hammond’s speech, but there was plenty in the Office of Budget Responsibility’s forecast to drum up fears for the future.

Investment 21 Nov 17

Investment trust managers tread with caution as gearing falls

Managers of investment trusts appear to be de-risking their portfolios, suggesting a hint of caution regarding global markets as we approach the end of the year.

Investment 20 Nov 17

The only asset class not offering sub-zero returns

Most asset classes will provide negative real returns from now on, but there is one exception to this rule, according to US asset manager GMO.

PA Analysis | Analysis 17 Nov 17

Artificial intelligence: fad or future?

Commercial applications for artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are on the rise, but is the sector offering very real investment potential or is it still the stuff of science fiction?

PA Analysis | Analysis 16 Nov 17

Pimco Income needs ‘big new idea’ to continue outperformance

The Pimco Income Fund has been in unprecedented demand with investors this year, but why? We spoke to investors to discover the fund’s secret to success and whether it is likely to continue outperforming.

Investment | Analysis 15 Nov 17

The cash conundrum: What’s driving cash balances down?

Global fund managers were yesterday accused of flying too close to the sun when it was revealed that despite thinking equities are overvalued, risk-taking has hit an all-time high.

PA Analysis | Analysis 14 Nov 17

Have marmite housebuilders bounced back?

UK housebuilders have come a long way since their lows post-EU referendum, but is the sector stable enough to ride the wave of higher inflation and continued political uncertainty?

PA Analysis | Analysis 13 Nov 17

Investors flock to EM debt in yield-starved world

With most global fixed income markets priced for perfection, investors are flocking to the one yield hold-out left: emerging market debt. But are investors really being compensated for the risk?

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