WH Ireland manager exits for Silverwood Wealth Management

George Holloway reunites with former colleagues Steven Beaney and Martin Guilbert at the start-up

George Holloway. Investment Manager at WH Ireland


George Holloway (pictured) has become the latest WH Ireland departure, leaving after 11 years to reunite with former colleagues Steven Beaney and Martin Guilbert at start-up Silverwood Wealth Management.

Beaney and Guilbert both left their investment manager roles at WH Ireland to set up Silverwood in November last year. All three will hold the title of investment director.

Holloway’s exit comes after another long-time WH Ireland investment manager, Paul Sheehan, left to join Oberon Investments earlier this month.

In his last four years at WH Ireland, Holloway led a team of six, and was responsible for £250m of assets, managed in portfolios for a range of clients.

He joins Silverwood in the early stages of its development. It is currently onboarding clients with the aim of offering them bespoke discretionary, managed advisory, and execution only services.

Silverwood was launched with the help of investment manager RC Brown’s Incubator Service, which aims to ease the path of investment managers or teams looking to establish their own firm, or to get new ventures off the ground.

Regarding his move, Holloway said: “After 17 years of working in this industry, I am clear that my strengths and passion lie in building relationships with clients and delivering a high-quality service with a personal approach. I am delighted to be directly involved with a company that has those aspects at its core and I’m looking forward to re-uniting with Steven and Martin again.

“Many firms are compromising and adjusting their business models to manage an ever-increasing number of portfolios to the detriment of client relationships and service. Our goal is to do this differently, focusing squarely on building enduring relationships with clients and families.”



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