PA Pod: Pushing the door off its hinges

Meet the new editor of PA Lauren Hardy who discusses women in the workplace with City Hive’s Bev Shah

City Hive's Bev Shah and Portfolio Adviser's Lauren Hardy against a blurred conference room for background


In episode four of PA Pod, the last in our diversity series, Natalie Kenway speaks to the new editor of Portfolio Adviser Lauren Hardy (pictured right), who has joined from maternity leave, and Bhavini (Bev) Shah, co-CEO of diversity and corporate culture network City Hive, about women in the workplace.

In this conversation, the panel discusses getting your identity back after having a child and having patience and understanding with returners, as well as the societal pressures of both working mums and working dads.

The discussion also address ‘diversity fatigue’ and how some companies have rolled back ESG and D&I initiatives during the more challenging market conditions, and how we have moved on from hiding family life from colleagues and trusting employees to find the right work/life balance for them. Also, why women need to keep pushing and having their shoulder in the door for all working women.

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