US commodity trader launches on DB Ucits platform

Millburn has launched a Ucits III version of its Multi-Markets Trading Program on the DB platfom.


The dbx Millburn Multi-Asset Index Fund, which offers weekly liquidity, is open to European retail investors in a number of share classes and currencies including euro, sterling, dollar and Japanese yen.

Millburn is a global asset manager with more than £2.3bn in assets under management, as at 1 June 2011. Its main experience is in the development of systematic, quantitative investment strategies to trade on liquid global commodities, futures and foreign exchange markets.

Millburn’s Multi-Markets trading program, on which the Ucits fund’s strategy is based, trades a set of more than 120 markets and utilises strategies with holding periods ranging from short-term (intra-day) to long term (several weeks or months). According to Millburn, the Multi-Markets trading program, which has a track record of more than six years, has experienced an average compound annual net return of 12.4% and has demonstrated low correlation to stock, bond and hedge fund indices.

Millburn executive vice president, Barry Goodman, said: “We believe that our track record, which is one of the longest in the industry, combined with our demonstrated ability to innovate and evolve, can give our investors an edge and position our funds to take advantage of market dislocations across a wide range of time-frames.

“As one of the first major US-based CTA managers to launch a Ucits product, we’re excited at the opportunity to give a new segment of investors a strong complement or alternative to their existing portfolio holdings.”


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