Six managers gain ‘Hall of Fame’ status

FE Fundinfo’s roll of honour now includes 49 managers

George Cheveley from Ninety One


Federated Hermes’ Jonathan Pines and George Cheveley (pictured) from Ninety One were two of the six fund managers to be inducted into FE Fundinfo’s ‘Hall of Fame’ this morning (6 April).

Pines has managed the Federated Hermes Asia ex-Japan Equity fund since November 2012, and has outperformed the peer group composite in nine of the last 10 years.

Commodities fund manager Cheveley, manager of Ninety One’s Global Gold and Global Natural Resources funds, has bettered the peer group average return over the last three, five, and 10 years.

T Rowe Price’s David J Eiswert, who manages its Global Focused Growth Equity fund, and Unicorn Mastertrust manager Peter Walls, have also been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

They are joined by Keith Ashworth-Lord of Leeds-based asset manager Sandford Deland, and Hugh Yarrow from Evenlode Investment, an independent investment manager headquartered in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

Managing the TB Evenlode Income fund, Yarrow has outperformed the peer group in eight out of the last 10 years according to data from Trustnet, returning 143% to the peer group average of 68%.

Initially, to gain an Alpha Manager Rating, fund managers are ranked according to their track records since 2000, with extra weighting applied to those who have been running money for longer.

The rating is based on three components: risk-adjusted alpha; consistency of outperformance versus their benchmark; and outperformance in both up and down markets.

The to enter the Hall of Fame list, a manager must have been ‘Alpha-rated’ over a period of seven years.

FE Fundinfo research manager Charles Younes said: “As we come out the other side of the Covid pandemic we’ve seen extreme fluctuations in the markets which has led to the recent rise in inflation and interest rates. Given they have been performing on the back of such turbulent times, the performances of these 49 managers in the Hall of Fame demonstrates what an outstanding job each has done.”

Hall of Fame stalwarts

The Hall of Fame now stands at 49 managers overall, but only nine have not dropped out of the list since being inducted.

They are Martin Lau from FSSA Investment Managers, the retiring Harry Nimmo from Abrdn, Mark Slater from Slater Investments, Richard Woolnough from M&G, Leigh Himsworth from Fidelity, John Chatfeild-Roberts and Daniel Nickols from Jupiter, David Dudding from Threadneedle Management and Richard Pease from Crux Asset Management.

Younes added: “It remains impressive that nine Alpha Managers have been able to show such a consistent level of high performance and have been ever-present in the Hall of Fame for over 23 years. This is testament to their investment strategies and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients.”

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