Quilter Cheviot launches new strategies on adviser platforms

Will be available immediately through its MPS

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This article was written by Fiona Nicolson for our sister publication, International Adviser

Discretionary fund manager Quilter Cheviot has launched two new strategies on adviser platforms through its managed portfolio service (MPS).

Available immediately, the firm is adding Cautious and Defensive portfolios to its existing range of strategies which include Conservative, Income, Balanced, Growth and Global Growth.

The Cautious strategy focuses predominantly on fixed interest holdings, with approximately 20% held in equities.

While the Defensive strategy will hold around 40% in equities, with the other 60% in fixed interest and alternative investments.

The strategies will have an annual management charge of 0.25% on platform, with weighted underlying fund costs of 0.22% for the Cautious version and 0.37% for the Defensive strategy.

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Simon Doherty, head of managed portfolio services at Quilter Cheviot, said: “Particularly in this market where fixed income and ‘safer’ assets are looking increasingly attractive, and the economic picture is clouded, clients need and deserve the widest range of choice possible to help make their investment decisions. With managed portfolios becoming increasingly popular, it is important that existing and potential clients have the options most suited to their needs.”

This news comes after the DFM arm of Quilter made its MPS available on three additional platforms in August this year.

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