polar capital launches us fund

Andrew Holliman is to run Polar Capital’s first long-only US equity fund, three months after joining the firm from Threadneedle.

polar capital launches us fund


The Polar Capital North American Fund will launch on 15 November, exactly three months after the duo joined from Threadneedle. It will be a long-only, Dublin-domiciled Ucits III proposition investing across the cap scale, with Holliman as lead manager and Wilson as co-manager.

They will run on a bottom-up basis with a fairly concentrated portfolio of between 40 and 60 stocks.

Holliman used to run the Threadneedle American Fund, with Wilson as his deputy fund manager, having spent seven years at Threadneedle setting up that firm’s North American equity business. He also managed the Threadneedle Global Focus and Columbia Extended Alpha funds having previously been in charge of the Baillie Gifford American Fund.

Andrew Holliman, lead manager of the Polar Capital North America Fund, commented: “Despite the US market being notoriously efficient at assimilating information, we find numerous entrenched behavioural inefficiencies.

“These inefficiencies include an increasingly short-term investment horizon from most market participants, a focus on short-term, top-line growth rather than normalised and sustainable cash profits, and the tendency to over pay for short-term growth.”


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