odey opus put on wealth 150

Hargreaves Lansdown has added Crispin Odey’s £199.6m CF Odey Opus Fund to its Wealth 150 list of favourite funds.

odey opus put on wealth 150


The fund has been included on the ranking after the manager’s Insynergy Odey Fund, which was previously on the Wealth 150, was closed and merged into the CF Odey Opus Fund.

Richard Troue, investment analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “Both funds are managed using a similar strategy so we are comfortable with this change.”

Odey takes a contrarian approach and has populated his portfolio with bargain stocks that other investors have overlooked, the analyst noted. 

Rather than buying companies popular with other managers such as Unilever, Nestle and Proctor & Gamble, Odey has bought out-of-favour, unglamorous stocks like BP, Barclays and BskyB.

Troue commented: “Overall, Crispin Odey believes his current portfolio is the ‘cheapest that it has ever been relative to the market’. Unearthing bargains is not easy though. Some stocks are cheap for a reason and his concentrated, high-conviction approach is higher risk.”

The fund’s most recent factsheet shows the portfolio has underperformed the MSCI World benchmark over one and three years to the end of August, as its contrarian positioned hampered returns.

However, over longer time frames the fund has outperformed. Over five years it is up 14.9% against the benchmark’s 4.1% while it is up 150.8% against 7.8% since inception in August 2001.


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