Morgan Stanley unveil new digital products

Morgan Stanley has added three new UK-aimed capital protected products to its digital range, which are now open for investment.

Morgan Stanley unveil new digital products


Morgan Stanley FTSE Protected Digital Growth Plan has a six-year term, at the end of which it will pay out 36% if the FTSE 100 Index is at or above its initial level. If it has fallen, the original investment will be returned.

The firm said the product is aimed at investors looking to make simple investments with attractive potential growth and full capital protection.

The other products are new versions of existing plans, and are called the Morgan Stanley FTSE Accelerator Bonus Plan 5, and the Morgan Stanley FTSE Protected Growth Plan 53.

The former offers the potential for 43% capital growth, and a triple kick out if the FTSE 100 Index has risen by 5% or more from the opening level on the plan’s third, fourth and fifth anniversaries. If it does not kick out early investors will receive ten times any FTSE 100 Index performance at maturity, capped at a maximum 43%. Capital is protected unless the index falls by 50% or more on any day during the six year term.

The Protected Growth Plan offers 15% capital growth if the FTSE 100 has risen 5% or more on the third anniversary of the plan. If it hasn’t, it will continue to a six-year term returning any growth in the index to investors, or their full capital investment at maturity if the index has fallen.


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