meteor am launches ftse 5 quarterly defensive plan

Meteor’s latest structured product launch relies onthe perfomrance of five of the FTSE’s laregest companies.

meteor am launches ftse 5 quarterly defensive plan


The Plan will mature early and pay 3.75% gross per quarter if the closing price of all five shares is at least 85% of its opening level (set at close of business on 21 October) on specific measurement dates, the first of which is 23 July, 2012.

If the plan matures on this date, investors would receive 11.25%.

If the event does not mature early and goes through to a subsequent measurement date, it will pay out 15%. This will continue until the full term or all five shares are at or above 85% of their opening levels on any measurement date, paying an investment return of 75% at maturity.

If, at maturity on 21 October 2016, the worst performing share is more than 50% below its opening level, then capital is at risk.

The securities will be issued by RBS.



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