No Irish RDR timetable needed

It is easier to manage money in a framework you know rather than in a possible framework that might be imposed at some point in the future. Perhaps. So how are the more sophisticated of Ireland’s wealth managers coping with the spectre of RDR looming? Perhaps…

No Irish RDR timetable needed


There is not yet a specific timeframe to introduce an equivalent of RDR to Ireland and there is an argument that says there will never be a formal timetable.

However, some organisations are already following some RDR principles – wealth managers being fee-based is the main one – while the majority of others are already considering the implications of how their business model may have to operate effectively in what will undoubtedly become an RDR-type environment.

The possible implementation of RDR is just one of the topics discussed at Portfolio Adviser‘s Investment Roundtable, Dublin.

Click here to find out who thinks it will be introduced “sooner rather than later” and who thinks it is still some way off.


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