Investec structured products

Investec has unveiled a suite of new structured products which are available for investment up until mid-August.

Investec structured products


The new range continues to include facilitating adviser charging on structured deposits and investments in addition to an execution-only version of one of the structured investments.

There are three structured investments facilitating adviser charging – the FTSE 100 Enhanced Kick-Out Plan 38, which has two options, the FTSE 100 Defensive Kick-Out Plan 11 and the FTSE 100 Defined Returns Plan.

The FTSE 100 Enhanced Kick-Out Plan 38 is an execution only structured investment, which includes initial commission payments. As with the three aforementioned products, capital is at risk.

The remaining plans are structured deposits which facilitate adviser charging. They include the FTSE 100 Three Year Deposit Plan 43, thr FTSE 100 Kick-Out Deposit Plan 38, the Deposit Growth lan 26 – Option 1, and the FTSE 100 Target Income Deposit Plan 5.

Gary Dale, head of intermediary sales said: “Compared to 2 years or so ago pricing continues to present a huge challenge for all providers of Structured Products. However, our Plans are still offering relative good value when compared to the best comparative fixed rate bonds available in the retail savings space. Our own business volumes continue to steadily increase post RDR as well as the numbers of advisers using our plans.”




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