Iboss renames Income MPS range to target retirees

Follows the upcoming FCA review on retirement income advice

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Iboss has changed the name of its Income MPS to Decumulation MPS, in an effort to direct the range towards clients at the retirement stage.

The transition is a result of a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) review of retirement income advice that began in 2023 which the regulator aims to publish by Q4.

This led Iboss to begin speaking with advisers about their retirement, to understand how they saw this area of the market within their own business – specifically which investment vehicles they were considering.

The firm concluded that its existing ‘Income’ portfolio range fit well with the desires of clients in the retirement stage and subsequently decided to rebrand.

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Iboss chief investment officer Chris Metcalfe said: “In our opinion, and for the foreseeable future, no AI will be able to replicate the crucial ongoing discussions between the adviser and their clients, and this will remain a complex investment area that their professional know-how, soft skills, and expertise will remain imperative.

“We are confident that our Decumulation MPS can help support the adviser and planner community within this space as it focuses on what we class as defensive characteristics, enabling clients to take the level of income they require for their own personal circumstances. We also have over 15 years’ experience of managing an income portfolio, allowing us to demonstrate a very strong track record.”

In August this year the firm cut ongoing charges across its DFM MPS portfolios.

The Iboss Decumulation MPS is currently available across 15 platforms.

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