gilliat choice of counterparty

Gilliat is offering investors the choice of Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland as counterparties for its latest launch.

gilliat choice of counterparty


With the launch today of its Income Builder Plus – August 2012, Gilliat will offer the choice of Morgan Stanley or Royal Bank of Scotland as the counterparty. As with previous iterations, the product offers income or growth payments, with income of 2.06% or growth of 42.5% (Morgan Stanley) or, through Royal Bank of Scotland, income of 1.75% or growth of 35.6%.

The returns will be made providing the FTSE 100 is at least equal to 3,500 and, according to its own research, Gilliat says since 1996 the FTSE has only fallen below this level on eight days.

Payments need to be made by 23 August.

Adrian Neave, managing director of Gilliat Financial Solutions, says: “Interest rates fell sharply after the Chancellor’s recent Mansion House speech, and this was followed by a fall in the rate of inflation.

“These factors leave income seeking investors with little option but to take some risk with their investments to achieve higher income levels than available from high street deposits."

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