FundCalibre awards Elite rating and two Elite Radar badges

FP Carmignac Emerging Markets fund awarded Elite rating

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FundCalibre has awarded an Elite rating to the FP Carmignac Emerging Markets fund and Elite Radar badges to the CCLA Better World Global Equity and VT Tyndall Real Income funds.

Elite ratings are awarded to funds that pass FundCalibre’s four-step process, which includes a screening by its AlphaQuest software judging risk-adjusted performance, a face-to-face meeting with the fund manager, an assessment of the team as a whole, and a peer group review. The ratings are given to no more than 10% of funds within a sector. Elite Radar badges are awarded to newly-launched watchlist candidates, as funds need at least a three-year track record before being considered for the Elite rating.

The Carmignac Emerging Markets fund focuses on medium to large-sized companies which compete in emerging markets. The fund opened in 2019 and holds between 35 and 55 companies at any one time. The currently fund holds most of its assets in Asia and Latin America within the consumer discretionary, information technology, and financials sectors.

Darius McDermott, managing director at FundCalibre, said: “This fund’s active, benchmark-agnostic approach within the diverse landscape of emerging markets has provided excellent performance since its inception.

“The fund targets cash generative businesses in underpenetrated sectors in emerging economies with healthy macroeconomic fundamentals. We believe this fund should be a strong consideration for anyone looking for active emerging markets exposure.”

The CCLA Better World Global Equity fund was launched in 2022 and is an ESG-focused fund. It currently holds £236.9m in assets under management, with top sectors including information technology, healthcare, financials and industrials.

“This fund’s benchmark agnostic, responsible approach of investing in quality growth businesses at attractive prices has proven to be very successful since launch in 2022, with the fund providing strong returns with lower volatility than its peers,” McDermott said.

“This fund should be on the radar for anyone looking for a global fund with an responsible focus.”

The VT Tyndall Real Income fund was launched in 2015 but taken over by current manager Simon Murphy in 2020. It currently holds £16.8m in assets under management.

“Simon is a highly experienced manager with a long history managing UK equities,” McDermott said.

“We applaud the fund’s high conviction approach to active management and low active management charge. The fund has started well despite a difficult period for mid-cap stocks. We will be watching the fund closely in the future.”

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