franklin templeton top fund sales

Franklin Templeton saw the greatest mutual fund sales in Europe in 2011, with the success of its bond funds pushing its total to 12.6bn, according to Lipper.

franklin templeton top fund sales


The figure excludes ETFs, which when included take BlackRock to the top of the table with €14.3bn in sales.

Lipper said redemptions from long-term funds (excluding money market funds) had slowed in December to €23bn from €25.7bn, but the yearly total also ended €69.3bn in the red.

This was only the second time in a decade the mutual fund industry had negative sales, the previous time being 2008 when €298bn flowed out of the industry.

Ed Moisson, head of UK and cross-border research at Lipper, said: "Funds with a global outlook were some of the most popular this year, be it global bonds (€16.4bn) or global equities (€6.3bn). This theme also played out in mixed asset funds, where funds with the ability to switch asset allocation across the spectrum and with an absolute return focus attracted €12bn.

"Interestingly, it was these asset allocation products that stood up best (in terms of sales activity) with both global bonds and global equities suffering significant outflows over the second half of the year."


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