FE Fundinfo launches rebate management initiative

Current processes a ‘tangled web’ of obligations and eligibility criteria


Fund data firm FE Fundinfo has launched an initiative aimed at streamlining the rebate management process for asset managers.

Currently, asset managers use a manual rebate management process. FE Fundinfo’s service allows asset managers to automate and outsource non-core functions, which the firm says will increase transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements while reducing administrative burden.

Explaining the product, FE Fundinfo head of business development and strategy Philipp Portmann, said: “The increasing number and complexity of rebate agreements with various counterparties, such as brokers, banks, distributors, and intermediaries, have created a tangled web of contractual obligations and eligibility criteria.

“Keeping track of these agreements, calculating accurate rebate amounts, and ensuring compliance with the terms has become challenging. The manual processes and disparate systems used for rebate management further exacerbate the complexity, leading to inefficiencies and errors.”

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He added: “Our rebate and distribution channel management service addresses these problems by providing a comprehensive and automated solution. It streamlines rebate management by centralising all rebate agreements and data, automating calculations, and generating accurate reports.

“Our service also integrates regulatory compliance checks, ensuring adherence to changing requirements. By eliminating manual work and providing a unified platform, our rebate and distribution channel management service simplifies the process, saves time, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency for asset managers.”

To support the launch, FE Fundinfo has appointed Steffen Ahlers and Marina Corghenci as directors of the project.

FE is offering a pilot programme before a wider rollout in the final months of 2023.


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