Evenlode backs global equities with fund launch

Evenlode Investment has unveiled plans for its first global income fund as a “natural evolution” of its investment proposition.


The Evenlode Global Income Fund will sit alongside the Cotswold-based firm’s existing £1.5bn UK-focused fund, using the same investment process.

It will be managed by Ben Peters, Evenlode co-founder, and Chris Elliott once it launches on 6 November this year.

Peters (pictured) said the fund would be different but with the “same flavour” as the original fund.

He said: “Following strong feedback from our clients, we have developed the Evenlode Global Income Fund as a natural evolution of the investment proposition offered by the Evenlode Income Fund.

“The Global Income fund is an opportunity for our clients to access the Evenlode investment process applied to a broader range of investment opportunities.

The fund aims to achieve sustainable real dividend growth through long-term investments in solid businesses.

Peters said there was still opportunity in global equity despite current concerns over valuations.

“While there has been extensive discussion about valuations in global equities, we believe that a disciplined approach can counter much of the risk associated with this,” he said.

“Although overall yields may not be particularly high in historic terms, investors can achieve a regular and growing income by investing selectively in companies with quality business models, attractive starting yields and good prospects for long-term dividend growth.”


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