crawford leaves octopus and takes

David Crawford from Octopus Investors is to join City Financial as its first in-house investment manager, bringing with him his Absolute UK Equity Fund.

crawford leaves octopus and takes


The long/short fund is the latest of this type of mandate Crawford has run in his 15 years’ investment experience and its name will be changed to the City Financial UK Equity Fund.

Prior to Octopus, Crawford worked at Hermes Investment Management and M&G Investments, using the same bottom-up value based investment approach.

Since its inception, his current fund has delivered an after-fees total return of 53.7% as at 31 May. This compares to a 9.4% total return from the FTSE 100 over the same period.

Once at City Financial, the fund will continue to be managed within the framework of the existing mandate.

Crawford said: "Octopus has provided invaluable foundations for the fund and I am looking forward to building on these with the help of City Financial as they take forward their ambitious plans for growth.

"With Octopus now fully focused on its core businesses it is the right time for the fund to transfer. The fund’s mandate will remain the same and I look forward to delivering on the fund’s objectives with the continued support of our investors."



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