Chikara Investments launches fund for Jonathan Asante

Asante will work with team of four brought over from Stewart Investors

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Chikara Investments has launched the Chikara Global Emerging Markets Opportunities fund, designed to hold 20-30 stocks in long-term growth opportunities.

The fund will be managed in the UK by Jonathan Asante and his team, including Tom Prew, Chris Grey, and Joanna Kay. Dominic St George will assist with the fund from the US. Asante started with Chikara Investments this year after taking a break from the industry in 2019. Before then, he worked at Stewart Investors from 2004 to 2019, where he worked with the four other contributors. The group followed Asante to Chikara in March of this year.

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“While the future is perhaps even more unpredictable than it has ever been, our answer remains to invest with good quality companies first. This is because ultimately it is real people, running real businesses, who must do the hard work of navigating all this complexity for our clients,” Asante said.

“We have, over time, developed an approach of how best to both encourage and benefit from material improvements in the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people around the world from Asia to Latin America and Africa and the opportunity in Emerging Markets has rarely been more appealing.”

According to Chikara, the fund will typically have an active share of over 95% and will run as a daily liquidity Irish domiciled UCITS fund. It will run under the ideals developed by Asante in 2001 while working at Axa Framlington, and further at Stewart Investors.

James Tollemache, CEO of Chikara Investments, said: “The team’s investment philosophy, focused on preserving clients’ money in order to grow it better in the long-term, is simple to understand but hard to implement and at Chikara we have the institutional structure to help deliver for investors over that time frame.

“With significant long-term outperformance of the Chikara Indian Subcontinent fund and the Chikara Japan Income and Growth fund this new offering complements our existing strategies well.”

Chikara Investments rebranded from Coupland Cardiff in August of this year.

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