brand tops investors criteria

The most important factor for investors when it comes to choosing where to put their money is how comfortable they feel with the provider, according to research from Legal & General.

brand tops investors criteria


Almost a third (29%) of investors named this as their most important consideration, although this has dropped 2% since 2010.

Next up in investors’ top criteria for investment selection was past performance, with one in five (21%) stating this is important to them.

Legal & General said this highlighted investors are looking for a solid track record in volatile markets, a finding backed up by the fact 14% attach the most importance to the fact a fund manager has remained steady.

The research is part of Legal & General’s “What Matters Investment Index”, which looks to tap into the views of the market and is now in its third year.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the prominence some industry figures place on it, only 9% of investors consider fund fees and charges to be the most important factor when choosing a new investment. This is up from 7% in 2010 and 8% in 2011.

Simon Ellis, managing director at L&G Investments, said: “In the current economic climate, and during market volatility, it is understandable that investors are looking to providers they feel comfortable with.

“Trust and confidence in an established brand, with a solid reputation, is important particularly when making investment decisions.”



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