bny mellon launches us opportunities fund

Lead portfolio manager Daglio believes that attractive market areas include financials, manufacturing and technology.

bny mellon launches us opportunities fund


The US Opportunitistic Equity Fund is being offered to investors on the back of positive sentiment towards the US market. Lead portfolio manager, David Daglio, who works alongside a team of 20 analysts, believes there are three areas of the market which are particularly attractive. These include financials, manufacturing and technology.
“We believe that the winners from any ‘Fed tapering’ should be those companies well placed to thrive in a higher-rate setting, such as small and mid-sized US banks for example,” he said.
The fund is part of the firm’s Dublin-domiciled global funds, and is managed by boutique BNY Mellon subsidiary The Boston Company Asset Management. 
The fund will hold 40-60 stocks at a time, aiming to profit from both bottom-up and top-down selection approaches. 
“Against a backdrop of improving economic growth and inflation stability in the US, we received requests for a US equity product that offers access to the world’s largest and most sophisticated equity market,” Matt Oomen, head of EMEA intermediary distribution said. 
Daglio added that in order to profit from attractive opportunities in the US market, disciplined and specialized asset class research is critical for consistent investment success.
“In our view the most attractive investment opportunities are currently represented by companies priced at a discount to their intrinsic value whose strong longer term fundamental prospects are not yet recognized in the market place,” he said. 
The fund is available to UK investors, with registration pending in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy.


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