apollo expands its risk-rated fund offering

Apollo Multi Asset Management has had two more of its funds risk-profiled by Distribution Technology, taking the total range to four funds.

apollo expands its risk-rated fund offering


The Apollo Multi Asset Defensive Fund and Apollo Multi Asset Adventurous Fund join the balance and cautious funds that were risk-profiled earlier this year.

The range now spans offerings for risk profile three investors (low risk), with the defensive fund, through to risk profile seven investors (highest medium risk), with the adventurous fund.

Craig Wetton, partner at Apollo Multi Asset Management, said: "An Adventurous fund does not necessarily require a very high risk profile and we want to make sure our customers are clear about the investments they make.

"Using the fund risk profiling service from Distribution Technology allows us to categorise these popular funds with risk profiles that are familiar to thousands of advisers around the UK."

Phil Morse, head of asset management at Distribution Technology, added: "Fund risk profiling processes have been under the regulatory microscope this year. The FSA for example, wrote to wealth management CEOs in June asking them to demonstrate their client portfolios and portfolio holdings were ‘suitable’. Our fund risk-profiling service makes it easy for advisers to align a client’s risk profile with suitable funds and portfolios for that profile.”

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