Whitechurch hires University of Bristol academic as ESG specialist

Daniel Say has also worked for the government reporting national greenhouse gas emissions


Whitechurch Securities has hired an academic from Bristol University as an ESG investor relations specialist.

Daniel Say (pictured) has joined the wealth manager to work between the investment, marketing and business development teams to support and promote the Whitechurch Ethical offerings.

Say previously worked as an academic at the University of Bristol. He holds a master’s degree in chemistry and a PhD in atmospheric chemistry.

Before that, he spent four years working with the UK government as a research associate on accurate reporting of national greenhouse gas emissions.

In June, Whitechurch, which is based in Bristol, launched a range of low-cost responsible portfolios in addition to its Prestige Ethical range which has a five-year track record.

Part of Say’s role will be to ensure the funds within Whitechurch’s portfolios align with environmental criteria and avoid greenwashing.

He will also be working on Whitechurch’s own net zero plan, as well as its environmental policy and integration committee to ensure it has a positive impact on the environment and society.






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