UBS launches diversified commodities ETF

UBS Global Asset Management has launched a new commodities ETF which tracks the UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Total Return Index, a benchmark weighted according to economic and liquidity data and individual commodities’ global consumption patterns.

UBS launches diversified commodities ETF


The UBS ETF CMCI Composite SF (Swap Fund) is domiciled in Ireland and offers exposure to a range of commodities sectors. It is available in two share classes, I which is recommended for investors looking to trade in large volumes, and A which is listed in GBpence.

The benchmark provides diversification across the maturity of the futures curve and continuous exposure to a diversified range of commodities. This ensures lower volatility than traditional commodities indices.

Yesterday we reported a predicted uptick in the commodities market, and revealed why one fund management team is taking a bet on both water and steel.