Renewable energy fund launched by TIME

TIME Investments has launched an enterprise investment scheme which will make direct investments in renewable energy companies and projects.

Renewable energy fund launched by TIME


It will invest up to £10 million in three hydro-electricity projects that will export electricity in the national grid and qualify for the Government’s ‘Feed in Tariff’ subsidy regime.  The subsidy will be RPI linked for 20 years.

TIME is targeting a return of at least £1.10 after fees and costs from each net 70p invested. The investment team is experienced in the sector having committed over £50 million to the renewable energy over the last 12 months

The minimum investment is £10,000 and applications must be made via authorised intermediaries.  EIS’s are tax-efficient structures for buying new shares in small businesses.

The TIME scheme is aiming to capitalise on what it says is an unprecedented level of demand for renewable energy, been driven in part by the Government’s target to generate 20% of the UK’s energy from renewable sources by 2020. The continuing decline in supply of oil, gas and coal has created a ‘capacity crunch’ that could see as much as a fifth of UK generation capacity decommissioned over the next decade, TIME says.

 “TIME EIS combines the tax advantages of an EIS with an opportunity to capitalise on our traditionally inclement weather by accessing highly predictable hydro electricity generation revenues and inflation-linked, Government backed subsidies, ” TIME’s head of tax products Stephen Daniels said.



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