Preparing today for tomorrow’s rate rise – Amundi’s Stevens

Nobody on the planet knows when the Fed is going to put up interest rates but Amundi has a fixed income proposition that is ready whenever the balloon does go up.

Not even Fed chair Janet Yellen knows when the Fed will put up interest rates but the one thing that is certain is that she will.

Bearing in mind everyone is playing a guessing game that nobody really knows the answer to Lowendo Stevens explains why he feels his Amundi fixed income propositions are ready today even though only half of the firm’s portfolio managers are expecting an imminent rate rise.

He tells Portfolio Adviser why he is so confident that they are ready whenever Yellen pulls the trigger and exactly how he is playing duration, including how and where he benefits from taking negative duration positions.

Whenever rates are discussed, the inflation conversation looms near and the conversation with Stevens was no different, demonstrated when he gave his views on how rising inflation is catered for by investing at the far end of the duration scale.

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