PA ANALYSIS: Nothing sweet about lack of passives choice

Those still working their way through the remnants of the Christmas chocolates will recognise the problem…

PA ANALYSIS: Nothing sweet about lack of passives choice


Whether it’s Mars bars, hard toffees, Bournville or Turkish delights, in every family there’s always a few treats that sit unloved at the bottom of the tin. But does that sinking feeling return as you open the lid on your investments?

As cost pressures have intensified in financial services, so investors have been encouraged to utilise passive investments in their portfolios.

Having whole of market choice as a discretionary manager is all well and good, but some businesses, particularly IFAs wedded to platforms, do not necessarily have the same luxury.

As the world of ETFs has expanded, several platforms’ reluctance to include these funds continues, put off by the costs of incorporating such technology on to their systems.

Last August, Cofunds‘ decision to introduce ETFs on platform for its users was a major step forward, but others remain restricted.

Many platform-based risk-rated portfolios in the market now consist solely of open-ended passive funds – but is that enough choice?


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