Marty McFly should have tried investment trusts

Rather than messing about on skateboards, Marty McFly should have bought the Capital Gearing Trust when he travelled in time from 26th October 1985, according to JP Morgan Cazenove research.

Marty McFly should have tried investment trusts


The 21st October 2015 was Back To The Future Day, the date to which Doc Brown took his DeLorean Time Machine with Marty McFly in the third Back to the Future film.

Over that time, £10,000 invested in the Capital Gearing trust would have grown to £464,058 assuming the dividends had been reinvested, a money multiple of 46.4x, or 13.65% p.a. The same sum invested in the FTSE All Share would have produced a money multiple of 15.8x, or 9.63% p.a., while inflation has averaged 3.4% p.a.

Also among the top investment companies, were North Atlantic Smaller Companies, Law Debenture, BlackRock Smaller Companies, Graphite Enterprise, Electra Private Equity and Finsbury Growth & Income.

AIC data showed that a £100 investment in the average investment company has grown to £1,978 over 30 years to 30 September 2015.

The top performing investment company sector over 30 years is UK All Companies, where £100 invested in the average UK All Companies investment companies has grown to £3,319. 



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