Jupiter aims to profit from investors paradise

Jupiter's Robert Siddles is bullish as firm launches his new fund targeting US small and mid caps

Jupiter aims to profit from investors paradise


The asset management firm has launched its new US small and mid cap equity fund today to be managed by Siddles, a recent acquisition from F&C. 

The UCITS-compliant unit trust will target a universe of around 3000 US companies with market caps ranging from £100m to £5bn, and will typically hold between 50 and 75 stocks.

Siddles’ bullishness on the prospects for US equities stems from both micro and macro factors. One example being his belief that small and mid-cap US companies often have very well incentivised managements who own company stock, a key feature he looks for.

Also, Siddles argues the US as a whole is by no means a spent force in terms of economic growth and will remain a bright point in the global economy for at least the next two decades. Of developed nations, Siddles says very few if any can top the US in terms of fundamentals, such as the size and flexibility of the labour force.

“This will be another American century and there will never be a shortage of investing ideas in US small and midcaps," Siddles said. He added that he has bought into six new stocks since he returned from his last trip to the States in March.

Siddles will also continue to manage the Jupiter US smaller companies investment trust.


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