Interactive Investor outsources buylist research to Morningstar

D2C platform says its time for rated funds lists to evolve

Richard Wilson CEO Interactive Investor
Richard Wilson


Interactive Investor has announced it will outsource research for its best buy list to Morningstar in an effort to improve governance.

II said in a press release that the move frees up its research team, led by head of personal finance Moira O’Neill to “carry out wider research, with a view to both challenging and championing the industry”.

Morningstar will follow the processes and methodology already created by II. II launched its first buylist three years ago with the Super 60, which was followed shortly after by its ethical sister list, the ACE 40.

Morningstar will also provide the fund research that fuels II’s Quick-start Funds, Investment Pathways and its model portfolios.

Head of funds research Dzmitry Lipski will oversee the Morningstar relationship.

II chief executive Richard Wilson (pictured) said: “Rated lists are an important starting point for private investors. But it’s time to evolve. That means outsourcing the day to day running of these recommendations but owning the methodology and intellectual rigour. We don’t want to mark our own homework. There’s a big funds universe out there, and it’s time to broaden our scope.”

In a statement, Morningstar’s global head of Manager Selection Services praised the independent business model championed by II. “Morningstar’s fund research and ratings are undertaken and compiled with complete independence and without any financial inducement from the asset managers it may rate.”