Heptagon to launch ‘future trends’ fund

Heptagon Capital is planning to launch the Heptagon Future Trends Equity Fund within the next couple of months, CIO Arnaud Gandon told Portfolio Adviser.

Heptagon to launch ‘future trends’ fund


The fund will be managed by Alexander Gunz in-house and will target wealth managers and institutional clients.

It will focus on tapping into future, long term trends which Gandon believes will provide a tailwind to particular groups of companies. “It’s about the growth of data, and Tesla – the car of the future for example,” he said. “The fund will identify themes and the best stocks [to benefit from these],” added Gandon.

A bottom-up proprietary process, and low turnover will be favoured. It will be a concentrated UCITS fund, all cap, unconstrained and benchmark agnostic. It will have around 20 holdings at any time.  

In a presentation issued by Heptagon about the new offering global trends in transport, internet, food & beverage, energy, technology, health and online retail are outlined.

Examples include that worldwide energy demand will rise by two-thirds between now and 2050, and 50% of credit card transactions will be made from mobile phones by 2020.