Latest Henderson name change for O’Neill’s Gartmore Trust

Brian O’Neill’s Gartmore Global Trust i the latest to go through the Henderson brand name change.

Latest Henderson name change for O'Neill's Gartmore Trust


The change completes the link of the Trust to Henderson Global Investors and is part of the latter’s strategy to continue its brand promotion within the investment trust space.

The investment objective remains the same, seeking long-term capital growth through investment in shares of companies anywhere in the world. The investment trust currently has a concentrated portfolio of 40 stocks making up 80% of the portfolio.

Gartmore Global Trust was launched as long ago as 1929 and O’Neill, senior investment manager, has led the management since 1983 having joined the firm’s global equities team last year following its acquisition of Gartmore.

Prior to that,he spent 30 years in Gartmore’s international equities.


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