Best funds to play the peak

With the FTSE 100 having hit an all-time high on 20 March, the question for investors has become whether or not they should cash in or hang on for the possibility of continuing upward movement in UK equities.

Best funds to play the peak


In the coming weeks – and possibly months – the traditional unpredictability of the market will be exacerbated by General Election tension, with investors open to a potentially huge swing in either direction.

“There is a little thing coming in May called the General Election, the outcome of which is very uncertain,” says David Coombs, head of multi-asset investment at Rathbones.

“Therefore all UK asset classes are likely to be extremely volatile as we get closer, and afterwards, whatever the outcome, uncertainty will be even higher. The UK market will decouple from the rest of the world.”

But how should investors approach trying to capitalise on said volatility, and through which funds do they go?

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