Five top funds for growing income

Investors have always had distinct ideas about what they want from their portfolios, but with the government and employers starting to step back from the responsibility of securing the future financial affairs of individuals, it is apparent

Five top funds for growing income


It is therefore imperative that investors are able to identify and understand how investments are likely to behave, enabling them to choose those that best match their personal goals and objectives.  

Whilst everyone has slightly different underlying financial aims and liabilities, we believe that many tend to share similar investment objectives, or outcomes. 

Many investors require a high and sustainable income stream to meet fixed outgoings, but there are also those who not only require an attractive level of income now, but also one that increases over time.  Whilst many equity fund managers say they look to grow income distributions, this is, for good reasons, often easier said than done. 

However, we have identified five funds that have a clear focus on growing income, and which we believe will continue to do so.

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