European equity absolute return offering from AllianceBernstein

AllianceBernstein has launched its Ucits III absolute return European Flexible Equity Portfolio Fund


The fund is run by three managers, each with their own specific responsibilities, under the overall management of Michele Patri as team leader. Each has responsibility for his own sector with Patri looking after defensives, Chad Gex has cyclical and financials is with William Johnston.

They use derivatives to preserve capital in adverse market conditions as it aims to limit the negative effects of volatility and other market risks.

The portfolio will invest primarily in European equities but up to 20% will be opportunistically invested in other equity markets.

The fund is style- and benchmark-agnostic, will exploit short-term as well as long-term opportunities, and will change its exposure depending on the market conditions at the time.

Patri commented: “We believe, in the long run, investors can outperform low-risk assets by investing in equities, and that active management can improve upon equity-market returns. As volatility, market risks and return opportunities change over time, agile investors may be able to achieve better results by adapting their investment strategy to meet changing market conditions becoming more aggressive when conditions appear favourable and reducing exposure when the outlook is bearish.”

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