Etoro launches five ‘smart’ portfolios with BlackRock

Introduces group of five pre-built portfolios

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Etoro has launched five pre-built portfolios designed to give access to BlackRock’s asset allocation.

The ‘smart portfolios’ will use iShares ETF building blocks across different assets classes to access the BlackRock allocations. Investors can choose their portfolio based on risk appetite, ranging from a conservative ‘core income’ portfolio through ‘stability’, ‘moderate’, and ‘dynamic’ to the highest-risk ‘core equity’ portfolio.

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BlackRock will give Etoro guidance on asset allocation as it builds the suite of portfolios. Each will be compromised of 10 to 25 iShares with up to six rebalances each year.

The portfolios require an initial investment of $500 (£394.15) and are available to investors in the UK as well as a range of European countries.

Dani Brinker, head of investment portfolios at Etoro, said: “Introducing core investing portfolios to Etoro’s platform marks a significant addition in our product offering. Through these new portfolios, we can empower our users to build a robust core allocation, laying a stable and risk-managed foundation for their investments.

“We are excited to provide our users with five portfolios powered by BlackRock, one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. This collaboration isn’t just about adding another feature, it’s about fundamentally enhancing the way our users access long term investing, providing them with the tools to grow their wealth.”