Crisis or opportunity of a lifetime? Rethinking the future of the planet

Will a world beset with challenges spin into catastrophic breakdown or spur humanity to change and reach new heights? John Elkington, widely regarded as the ‘godfather of sustainability’, contemplates the future with AIQ.


Elkington, an authoritative voice on corporate responsibility, warns that key elements of the climate, biosphere and established economic order are under threat, which begs the question: is it too late to change? “We are headed into a hellish world of systemic breakdowns,” he declared in the opening pages of his latest book, Green Swans: The coming boom in regenerative capitalism.

As an advisor to leading companies for over four decades, including through his latest venture Volans, a London-based sustainability and innovation thinktank, Elkington’s views carry weight. Yet far from feeling negative, he sees the breakdown of the established order as an opportunity to create a better, more sustainable world. It could be the start of an adventure, Elkington says, as we rethink the future of the planet, societies, and capitalism itself.

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