bolton extends minimum tenure

Anthony Bolton has committed to running the Fidelity China Special Situations Investment Trust until April 2014, according to an announcement from the board this morning.

bolton extends minimum tenure


At launch in April 2010 Bolton said he would stay at the helm of the trust for at least two years, which he subsequently extended to three.

Now, as the investment company nears its second birthday, he has agreed to extend his minimum tenure by another two years.

The star fund manager has previously said it would be right for him to step down as manager if he is "wrong on China" and has certainly found it difficult to manoeuvre tumultous markets seen in the region since launch.

In its latest interim management statement for the company, the board said share price had decreased by 2.65% in the quarter to 31 December.

Meanwhile the NAV had increased by 3.49% in Q4 against an 8.36% increase by the benchmark during the same period.

Over one year to 9 April the fund has fallen 16.24% compared to a loss of 13.94% and since inception the fund is down 5.22%, according to its latest factsheet.

But recently the fund has started to outperform its benchmark, up 12.23% year-to-date compared to a return of 5.62% from the MSCI China NR USD Index.

Over six months the fund has also significantly outperformed, up 20.78% versus 5.25% from its benchmark.

Look out later this week for Portfolio Adviser’s analysis of Fidelity China Special Situations two years on.


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