high yield emd offering from pioneer

Pioneer Investments has launched a new fund for investors in the niche corporate high yield segment of emerging markets.

high yield emd offering from pioneer


The Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Bond Fund, which it says is one of the first products of its kind, aims to enable investors to take advantage of the higher growth and superior yield available in emerging markets.

“The Fund offers investors unique exposure to a growing asset class. All it takes is a little growth for us to seize higher quality returns with lower volatility. The asset class profits from credit convergence in the long term whilst having the benefit of higher yields short term. We aim to take full advantage by combining it with our bond selection capability,” said the fund’s lead portfolio manager Greg Saichin.

Saichin, who is also head of emerging markets and high yield fixed income portfolio management, added that the portfolio managers are supported by a large and experienced team of in-house bottom-up credit research analysts to uncover unique, high conviction investment opportunities, beyond traditional benchmark constraints.

Key features of the fund include attractive income potential via exposure to selected emerging market high yielding corporates and proprietary research focused on exploiting the best opportunities while managing default risk.



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