Wellian agrees partnership with Throgmorton

Wellian Investment Solutions recently agreed outsourcing partnership with Throgmorton Private Capital is the latest in a lengthy line of new partnerships signed by the DFM over the course of 2014.

Wellian agrees partnership with Throgmorton


The deal, which will see Wellian’s model portfolio service used by Throgmorton’s 25 advisers as part of a new investment proposition, also sees the number of partners using Wellian’s services push closer to 40, after starting the calendar year at 17.

“We have seen the number of companies wanting to work with us grow significantly,” said Chris Mayo, investment director at Wellian, adding, however, that the most recent deal is a substantial one for the discretionary fund manager as Throgmorton is by some way the group’s largest partner.

Asked the reason for the jump in partners, Mayo said that the increased amount of regulation faced by advisers has certainly played a role, adding, the group has also seen a growing willingness on the part of advisers to work with other firms.

“We certainly expect this trend toward outsourcing, especially the investment part of the business, to continue,” Mayo added.

Under the terms of the deal, Throgmorton’s clients will gain access to Wellian’s nine risk graded portfolios



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