verbatim unites four dfms

Verbatim Asset Management has launched a discretionary fund management service with no required minimum investment offering access to discretionary fund managers James Hambro, TCF Investment, Henderson Rowe and Smith & Williamson.

verbatim unites four dfms


The service (to be known as Verbatim Discretionary Service) brings together investment managers and the provision of ‘best of breed’ supply chain capabilities, according to Verbatim.

It said there are three strengths from its offering will be control for the adviser, reduced cost and suitability.

Within the first area Verbatim said there would be a removal of disintermediation risk as customer identity is not revealed to the DFMs.

Meanwhile, there is reduced cost because of the access to institutional pricing and the cost of the service is less than 1%.

Finally, four fund managers employing different investment processes are offered by Verbatim and the models are managed around risk and return objectives on a continuous business.

Neil Stevens joining managing director of SimplyBiz (the parent group) and managing director of Verbatim Asset Management, said: "Verbatim Discretionary Service is a unique RDR-ready investment solution that has been engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of clients working with a financial adviser.

"We strongly believe that the current DFM offerings do not fully meet the needs of advisers and RDR will create yet more requirements for advisers which are currently not being catered for.

"Verbatim Discretionary will help advisers face these challenges simply because the service is backed by robust processes, four high quality investment teams and implemented efficiently within a single environment, and will work perfectly with the client-financial adviser relationships."



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