ubs lists developed market etf in london

UBS Global Asset Management has listed a new developed market equity ETF on the London Stock Exchange offering investors exposure to key companies across a number of sectors and countries via physical replication.

ubs lists developed market etf in london


The UBS-ETF MSCI World is denominated in US dollars and its underlying index (the MSCI World) covers over 1,600 leading large and mid-cap companies from 24 industrialised countries.

UBS said the index captures approximately 84% of the free float-adjusted market capitalisation in each country.

Andrew Walsh, Head of UBS ETFs UK, said: “The UBS-ETF MSCI World (USD) “A” holds 1581 stocks of the 1605 included in the index.

Thus, the ETF delivers virtually full replication despite the extensive number of constituents in the underlying MSCI World index.

“This helps to ensure that the ETF delivers minimal tracking error vs. its benchmark. The ETF allows investors looking to benefit from movements in global equity markets a UCITS-IV compliant investment in a single transaction.”



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