uber bull anderson laments miserable investors

The extraordinary pace of technological change and growth in China should be viewed as the most significant factors impacting on the investment landscape in the next 10 to 20 years, according to James Anderson, manager of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust at Baillie Gifford.

uber bull anderson laments miserable investors


He said the natural tendency for Brits to be "miserable" prevented them from identifying growth opportunities at the stock-picking level that will withstand not only the European sovereign debt crisis, but pretty much any event that does not herald the end of the world.

In a refreshingly bullish presentation Anderson said far too much attention was paid to the problems in Greece and the rest of peripheral Europe.

He argued that with a truly long-term approach such macro events should be completely ignored, adding that with 3% GDP growth per year in Germany "a new Greece" could be built very quickly.

In addition to technological advances Anderson pointed to the "incredible economic change going on in China" which he said was not in bubble territory because of the government’s ability to plan so far in advance.

In terms of portfolio construction, he said holding one winner, such as Apple, could make up for holding a host of losers.

Tech opportunities

Far from being worried about another tech boom and bust, Anderson said "the whole of the finance profession had just not grasped that the returns from these companies are profoundly different".

"I am talking about Apple, or Amazon, or Google which do not need capital. Amazon works off our capital and Google probably has too much capital. They have global reach and very little fixed assets, which is unparalleled."

For this reason he said valuing those sorts of companies was incredibly difficult and could not be done in the traditional manner.

Another element to be aware of is that companies previously considered persistent, viable and reliable have been and will continue to be put out of business because of the likes of Amazon and Apple.

Rather than be pessimistic and concerned about the potential impact of a sovereign default in Europe he said investors should concentrate on the options offered by the twin themes of technology and China.

"Investment possibilities are very exciting and there is more excitement out there in the world than of any time I can remember," he concluded.


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