Quilter Investors plugs discount as income launch nears

Helen Bradshaw will target ‘first quartile yield’ in two portfolios

Quilter Investors

Quilter Investors has revealed details of its income range launch, including an offer for early investors to secure a fixed ongoing charge of 0.6%.

The range is scheduled to launch on 26 June.

It will consist of two portfolios, including a Monthly Income portfolio, which is lower risk while targeting a higher level of income, and a Monthly Income and Growth portfolio, which is higher risk with a lower level of expected income.

Available to UK advised clients, the the discounted share classes are available through the Old Mutual Wealth platform in the first six months. Early investors will continue to pay the discounted charge after that period.

Investors who invest after the six month offer period will pay 0.85%.

‘First quartile yield’

Portfolio manager Helen Bradshaw (pictured), who joined from Janus Henderson in February, will invest in active, passive and smart beta strategies across equities, fixed income, alternatives and other asset classes globally.

“The opportunity to manage the new income range is a huge privilege,” she said. “Identifying sources of income has grown increasingly complex in recent years, with a variety of factors making the search for yield more and more challenging.

“Utilising a diverse investment toolkit we will be aiming to produce a reliable, first quartile yield, while recognising the need for investment discipline and resisting the temptation to overreach through our risk-targeted approach.”

Quilter Investors said payments will be distributed monthly and both portfolio solutions will be managed according to a risk targeted investment approach and will implement an income smoothing strategy.

Advisers seek smooth income

Income payments will be smoothed over the course of the year to provide advisers and customers with increased certainty over the expected level of yield.

Dean Bowden, chief commercial officer, added: “Our research conducted with advisers and clients shows us that there is a desire for income solutions that combine the benefits of a risk-targeted approach, alongside a smooth income experience with monthly distributions.

“This approach will provide customers with a globally diversified multi-asset income portfolio solution, which offers both reassurance over how the portfolios can be expected to respond to periods of market volatility, as well as delivering a level of predictability over expected monthly income.”

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