psigma to rename becket’s fund of funds

The PSigma Balanced Managed fund of funds will be renamed the Dynamic Multi-asset fund to better reflect the nature of its holdings and investment aims.

psigma to rename becket's fund of funds


The fund will continue to be managed by Becket and have the same aim of "preserving clients’ capital and growing their wealth".

But the new name is designed to distance the fund from preconceptions associated with the balanced managed sector and to represent the commitment of the fund to both dynamism and multi-asset allocation.

Approval for the name change has been granted by the FSA and it will come into effect on 14 October.

The fund recently passed its third year anniversary, as it launched the week after Lehman Brothers collapsed, and has achieved top decile performance over that period.

Since launch, over the three years to 22 September, it has posted returns of 22%, compared to an average of 9.1% in the IMA Balanced Managed Sector.

Becket said he prefers not to take too much notice of sector benchmarks, however, and would rather focus on making clients money even in a bear market.

He admitted one disadvantage of this approach is he doesn’t always make as much money in an upturn because he tends to be more cautiously positioned.

For example, he keeps his equity exposure between 40 and 60%, even though the IMA guidelines allow for 85% in the balance managed sector.

But he said his aim was to run a fund that was predictable and understandable and offered clients no nasty surprises to the client.

His sectors of choice for good returns over the next three to five years are Japanese equities and high yield bonds.



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