Paul Marriage and Richard Pease funds dropped from Bestinvest buylist

As Richard Colwell’s departure also sees the CT UK Equity Income fund ejected

Richard Pease fund manager CRUX asset management


Bestinvest has booted seven funds in the latest rebalance of its buylist, with Liontrust, Fidelity and Crux strategies among the casualties.

The update from Evelyn Partner’s investment platform saw the following funds dropped:

  • – TM Tellworth UK Smaller Companies
  • – Liontrust Sustainable Future Monthly Income Bond
  • – Fidelity Emerging Markets
  • – Fidelity Index Japan
  • – FP Wheb Sustainability
  • – CT UK Equity Income
  • – TM Crux European Special Situtions

The buylist update offers no specifics about why the above decisions were taken.

Paul Marriage and John Warren’s £185m TM Tellworth UK Smaller Companies fund has had a tumultuous year, as only five months ago it scooped up a Fundcalibre elite rating after achieving a three-year track record. It is down 2.3% over three years, but has plummetted 19.8% over 12 months, reflecting the rough market for small caps.

The £546m Liontrust Sustainable Future Monthly Income Bond has returned -0.9% over five years and -7.1% over three years. The past year saw it lose 8.9%, while its benchmark was down -10.7%.

Fidelity saw two of its funds drop off the Bestinvest list, with Nick Price and Amit Goel’s £2.2bn Emerging Markets strategy and the firm’s £971m Index Japan fund among the casualties. The EM fund strongly underperformed its benchmark over the past year, losing 17.2% versus the IA Global Emerging Market’s decline of -4.7%.

Fidelity’s Index Japan fund is run by Geode Capital and has delivered a performance on par with its benchmark, IA Japan.

The second ESG-oriented strategy to drop off the list is FP Wheb Sustainability, which has delivered a positive return over all standard timeframes up to five years, although the 37.7% and 22.8% recorded over five and three years, respectively, dwarfs the 0.6% returned over the past 12 months.

The retirement of Richard Colwell is the likely culprit behind the removal of the £2.8bn CT UK Equity Income fund.

Richard Pease and James Milne’s £534m TM Crux European Special Situtions was the final fund to drop off the list in the latest rebalance. The fund lost 11.1% in 2022, a strong pivot from the 12.4% it delivered the previous year. Both sets of figures, however, undershot the returns delivered by its benchmark, IA Europe ex UK, of -9% and 15.8%, respectively.

Names added to the list

The newcomes to the list were:

  • – Allianz Technology Trust
  • – Murray Income Trust
  • – Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return
  • – Ninety One Global Environment
  • – Fidelity European

In compiling the list, Bestinvest divides the market into sectors, picking the funds they believe are capable of outperforming both their peers and the benchmark.

However, Bestinvest points out that it cannot guarantee success, adding: “We’re not saying they’re definitely ‘the best’ – and we’re not saying they’re right for you – but what we are saying is that we have real conviction in them.”

The last update, published in September 2022, saw 13 funds added to the list, including Nick Train’s Finsbury Growth and Income Trust.

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