PA unveils inaugural Wealth Partnership Awards

Celebrating excellence in UK wealth and asset management – and how they work together for investors


Portfolio Adviser is delighted to unveil its inaugural Wealth Partnership Awards, which have been designed to recognise and reward excellence across key elements of the UK’s wealth and asset management businesses. Importantly, this includes where the two sectors work together in partnership to generate wealth for end-investors.

The awards are open to individuals, teams and companies in UK wealth and asset management and, if you work in either sector, you are invited to nominate yourself or put forward the name of a colleague or anyone else you believe deserves recognition. Category shortlists will be published in the spring and all the winners announced on 8 July 2020. The deadline for nominations, meanwhile, is 10 April 2020.

Nominate yourself or other deserving candidates now

Portfolio Adviser group editor Julian Marr said: “As a leading provider of news, insight and analysis for wealth managers and other UK investment professionals, Portfolio Adviser has a responsibility to highlight instances of both good and bad practice – and if we come down hard on the latter, it is only fair and reasonable we should celebrate the former.

“That is why we are encouraging our readers to put forward their nominations of those individuals, teams, companies and initiatives they believe deserve recognition for excellence across the UK’s wealth and asset management sectors in areas such as investment, ESG, marketing, inclusion, sales, service, technology and wellbeing.”

Awards methodology

Where appropriate, nominees can be involved in roles relating to UK-based wealth management and asset management – including but not limited to investment, management, strategy, product development, marketing, communications, sales, client service, human resources or front, middle or back-office operations.

After the deadline for nominations has passed, all nominees will be contacted and sent a short questionnaire they will need to complete in order to progress to the next round of judging. Category shortlists will be created on the strength of completed questionnaires and, from these, an expert panel of judges will decide the winners. These awards focus heavily on the previous calendar year and so our judges will be asked to attribute significant weight to relevant achievements accomplished since 1 January 2019

All the category shortlists will be announced in the spring, with the winners revealed at a special dinner in central London on 8 July 2020.

For more information on the award categories and other aspects of the Wealth Partnership Awards, please click here

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