Morgan Stanley launches two Article 8 fixed income funds

Follows ‘demand for flexible credit strategies’

Photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash


Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has launched two SFDR-classified Article 8 fixed income strategies for UK and European investors.

The MSINVF Short Maturity Euro Corporate Bond Fund and the MSINVF Global Credit Opportunities Fund are actively managed, and the teams running each strategy are led by Richard Ford, MSIM’s co-head of broad markets fixed income.

The Short Maturity Euro Corporate Bond Fund’s targets an “attractive rate” of relative return, measured in euros, by investing predominantly in short-dated investment grade corporates with maturities or call dates of less than three years.

Secondly, the Global Credit Opportunities Fund aims to provide total return, measured in dollars, by investing across a wide range of fixed-income securities.

MSIM said the credit strategy is unconstrained by its reference benchmark, the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate Index.

Ford said: “We have seen a growing appetite among European investors for flexible credit strategies and have designed the Short Maturity Euro Corporate Bond and Global Credit Opportunities funds to meet this demand. Both funds seek to provide investors with a flexible, active approach and we believe they will help to deliver strong risk adjusted returns over the medium and long term for our clients.”


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