latest Meteor plans launched

Meteor has launched three new structured products, two income plans and one growth.

latest Meteor plans launched


The Dual Index Fixed Income Plans have the same features but differ on their yield payments, with one offering 0.52% per month and the other 6.4% per annum.

The plans are based on the performance of the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 indices, but the income payouts are fixed and are not dependent on the performances of the indices.

Capital return at the end of the plans’ six-year term is, however, dependent on the performance of the indices and it will only be returned in full if neither of the indices have fallen by more than 50% at any point during the term. The minimum investment in each of these plans is £10,000.

Meanwhile, the new Prima Platinum Plan offers a potential annual growth payment of 9.25% and is also based on the performance of the above indices.

If on any annual measurement date the closing levels of both indices are at or above their respective opening levels, the plan will kick out.

This early maturity will ensure a growth payment of 9.25% for every year the plan has been in force, plus a full return of initial capital invested.

If the plan runs its full term the potential return at the end of year six is 55.5%. But if the plan does not produce a growth payment the return of capital at maturity will be based on the performances and will not be guaranteed. The minimum investment in this plan is also £10,000.



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